More Than Just Legal Advice

In urgent legal matters, professional expertise is not the only thing that counts – just as important is winding up these matters smoothly and quickly.

Administrative Law

WKB is extensively experienced in administrative law.  WKB represent a wide range of clients such as licensed professionals and businesses in matters including, but not limited to: the Medical Board, Department of Insurance, Department of Real Estate and other State, Federal, and International licensing agencies. With decades of administrative hearing experience before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), as well as license defense experience in other administrative law forums.

Our practice includes but is not limited to:

  • Investigations by administrative agencies
  • License denials
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Administrative hearings
  • Appeals by writ of mandate (mandamus)
  • Appeals
  • Temporary or interim suspension orders
  • Petitions for reconsideration
  • Petitions for reinstatement
  • Zoning matters

Given the complex nature of government regulation presently, businesses and professionals in every industry can expect to encounter contact with a state administrative agency at some point in time. Administrative hearings can be adversarial and are conducted according to an entirely different set of evidentiary and procedural rules from typical litigation.  WKB provides expertise, and much more, in these areas of the law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

WKB offers services related to ADR and makes every opportunity to keep your costs low, which ADR assists with.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to several processes that aid parties in resolving disputes without a trial. ADR processes include mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, and collaborative law.


Mediation is highly effective because it allows the parties themselves to work toward an amicable solution to disputes. Unlike litigation, the parties are not losing control of the outcome, and there is no winner or loser. Rather the parties agree to compromise so each side walks away from the deal satisfied. The goal of the mediation process is to reach a resolution agreed upon by the parties. The mediator will guide the parties in order to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.


Arbitration is a process whereby the parties select a neutral individual or panel of individuals to decide their dispute.  In essence, the arbitrators function as the judge and jury in a case and their decision is binding and enforceable by a Court.  The benefits of arbitration include having input in the selection of your decision maker, greater control over the timing of the process and the scope of discovery, and lower costs. Arbitration is less formal than a trial and the rules of evidence are often relaxed.

The parties can agree that the arbitration be binding or non-binding. In a binding arbitration, the parties waive their right to a trial and agree to accept the arbitrator’s decision as final. It is enforceable and completely resolves the case without the opportunity to appeal.

In a non-binding arbitration, the parties are free to request a trial if they do not accept the arbitrator’s decision. Typically, arbitration is best suited for cases where the parties want another person to decide the outcome of the dispute but want to avoid the formality, time, and expense of a trial.

Alternative Investments & Funds

WKB represents alternative investment managers servicing domestic and offshore hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity and real estate investment funds. Our transactional work includes, among other matters, domestic and offshore fund formation and tax structuring work, fund reorganizations, fund seeding” investments and joint venture issues as well as regulatory matters including S.E.C. registration and audits”

Antitrust and Competition

Clients seek our counsel and litigation services on the entire range of antitrust, competition, and trade regulation issues. Our substantive knowledge, industry experience, and presence in scholarly and trade publications are supplemented by the fact that many of our lawyers working in this area have served in senior positions with and/or have significant experience before state and federal antitrust enforcement agencies as well as the Judiciary Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Audit Committee Counseling

WKB professionals practice in Client Service Groups and Industry Practice Teams that offer legal counsel and advice in virtually every area of interest to business and entrepreneurial clients. Members of these groups are drawn from diverse disciplines and offices around the globe. Regardless of geographic location, our professionals work together on behalf of clients using state–of–the–art communication technologies.

Banking Business & Public Finance

Whether you are a bank financing an infrastructure project in Asia, a manufacturer in North America factoring its receivables, or an offshore hedge fund entering into a global master repurchase agreement, WKB’s banking and finance group has the knowledge, understanding and global reach to make sure the transaction gets done right, efficiently and on–time.

Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Creditors’ Rights

As the rate of insolvencies rises both nationally and internationally, it becomes increasingly vital for clients to engage capable and experienced counsel to navigate the complications of business insolvencies.

  • Focusing in servicing related litigation (Identify Theft, Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings, Fraud, FDCPA, FCRA, Foreclosure, etc.) for all assets types (first mortgages, closed-end seconds, purchase money seconds, piggy-backs and Home Equity Lines of Credit) since 2006.
  • Engaged in Plaintiff and Defense work in thousands of cases on behalf of clients and our affiliates.
    Scalable Infrastructure with available capacity.
  • Experienced and unique expertise in financial analytic modeling and optimization.
  • Known as an innovator, continually adopting analysis capabilities and novel processes for market and client needs.

Broker-Dealer Litigation, Arbitration & Regulatory Practice

Our group represents broker–dealers, investment advisers, financial planners, and other securities industry professionals in virtually every aspect of securities industry related litigation and arbitration, as well as regulatory investigations and enforcement actions brought by the SEC, FINRA, other self–regulatory bodies, and state securities commissioners.

Business & Commercial Litigation

WKB’s Commercial Litigation group regularly handles jury trials, bench trials, arbitration, mediation and administrative and regulatory proceedings for all manner of complex business disputes. We also counsel clients on how to avoid litigation and resolve business disputes without litigation. Our experience combined with our technology and attention to cost–effective litigation translate to favorable and prompt results for our clients.

Capital Markets & Structured Products

Asset Managers

We help take asset managers to the next level, either by providing them in-house component servicing on the asset pools around the country, driving and beating timelines or gaining access to additional capital. With our full service law firm, component creditor rights law firm, investment banking group, we help asset managers execute on their strategy all the way from portfolio management to securitization. Interested in Europe? We have closed deals there as well.

Investment Banks

We help our investment banking and fund clients by providing flexible but effective financing structures that work across a number of different asset managers. In addition, with our component servicing all in house, our financing clients enjoy direct access to timeline management. No longer will you need to move by and through large servicers to drive the process.


For our servicing clients, we help them manage a number of trouble areas, timeline management on the legal aspects of the servicing business, access to our assets under management (we too have an asset manager buying and investing in first and second lien residential mortgages) and lastly, ongoing contract negotiation on your behalf with asset managers, foreign and domestic. These are services that time and time again have proven to add value on top of the traditional corporate law representation with respect to merger and acquisition as well as fund formation and fund raising.

Structured Products Group

Our Structured Products Group prides itself on its experience, sophistication, and depth in legal matters concerning both the “buy and “sell” sides of negotiated and distributed structured derivatives across a full range of asset classes. We represent issuers, asset managers, hedge funds, financial institutions and investors in structuring, developing, and executing derivatives and structured products as essential components of capital market transactions, as well as mergers and acquisitions, project and leveraged finance, asset repackaging, monetization and securitization transactions. Our Attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the distinct concerns of each market participant, as well as the competitive nature of this dynamic sector. WKB provides comprehensive advice on the most complex structured products, derivative transactions, and regulatory matters while also providing an innovative approach with un-bundled and flat fee structures. With this approach, we partner with our clients by stabilizing legal fee budgets and optimizing structure and certainty.

Class & Derivative Actions

Our Class and Derivative Actions Group represents industry leading companies and institutions in high–stakes cases nationwide.


The single most effective form of debt collection for a creditor is filing a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed against you, you must properly respond or risk having a judgment against you. Our company specializes in debt collection and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Rights FDCPA laws. Contact us to review your case, our debt collection attorneys will provide you with the knowledge you need to protect your rights.

Commercial Litigation

Out litigators are highly skilled, strategic professionals who negotiate, prosecute and defend multi-million dollar disputes regularly.  The WKB team has substantial experience in corporate torts, insurance, personal injury, finance, real estate and international affairs.

Commercial Practice Team

No matter your industry, your company has a need for fast, practical, economical and value–added legal counsel in addressing the issues that face their organizations everyday. Such issues include the preparation and negotiation of business–fueling agreements, legal counseling and advice on managing risks.

Community Association Law

Our highly experienced community association attorneys understand the needs of property owners. Our clients include developers, owners and associations of: residential and commercial condominiums, planned developments, condominium conversions, industrial common interest developments, mixed-use developments, single-family homes, as well as large residential retirement communities.

We offer a wide range of expert legal assistance including enforcing general property rights, Fair Housing rights, assisting with elections, drafting contracts, advising on neighbor disputes, advising on association and tenant disputes, preparing required disclosures for prospective buyers, construction defect issues, reconstruction contracts, tenant improvement contracts and disputes, and governing document review. Governing documents include the Declaration or CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations and Resolutions. We understand the laws governing homeowner associations (HOAs) and condominiums.

The most common cases that arise involving homeowner associations and condominiums involve owners who violated CC&Rs or other governing documents.  Our firm can assist owners and associations alike in defending or enforcing compliance.

Construction Law

Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP’s construction law division helps general contractors, and specialty subcontractors prevent and resolve disputes in a cost effective manner. Our construction attorneys know the construction industry and understand that running a successful business requires more than being skilled at your trade. Many of our construction attorneys are licensed contractors themselves, and have served as project managers, consultants, general contractors, and specialty contractors on both private, and government construction projects. Whether you work on home improvement projects or public works contracts, our attorneys can help you prevent disputes by preparing bids, contracts and job site policies that anticipate disputes and resolve them before they happen. If a dispute does arise, our construction attorneys will provide you with diligent representation for administrative hearings, mediation or arbitration and in court.

Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys represent contractors through all stages of the construction project, from licensure, to planning and bidding, to collections by recording mechanic’s liens and stop notices, to informal dispute resolution in mediation or arbitration, through formal litigation at trial. Our attorneys will advise you at each step in the process, and seek resolutions that are beneficial and cost effective.

Contract Negotiation, Drafting or Review

Whether you’re a prime contractor or subcontractor, working on a home improvement project or on a large public works project, Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys can tailor a contract to suit your firm’s particular needs and to protect your business. We help our clients avoid the consequences of a poorly written contract by ensuring your contracts are compliant with California requirements and designed to address common concerns in your particular trade and situation. Our experienced attorneys can draft an entirely new contract, specifically for your firm, or update your existing contracts. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; let Wilson Keadjian Browndorf LLP’s construction attorneys protect you against unforeseen issues such as extra work, differing site conditions, change orders, delays or acceleration issues.

Bid Protests

For public works contractors winning bids is a necessity. Bid disputes can cause serious delays, and increase costs. Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys understand the intricacies of the bidding process and know the techniques to help you win construction bids and navigate construction bidding disputes. We can help you challenge a low bid or defend against a challenge.

Mechanic’s Lien Filing Service

If you work on a private job, you may have the right to record mechanic’s lien against the title of the property to ensure that you get paid for the work or materials provided. Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP can record a mechanics lien for you, and let you spend your time at the job site instead of the courthouse. But filing a mechanic’s lien is not enough, statutory rules set up time limits to perfect your mechanic’s lien claim. Our attorneys can file complaints to protect and enforce your mechanic’s lien rights.

Preliminary and Stop Notices for Public Works Projects

Oftentimes, when working on a public works or construction lender project, you may be hired by someone other than the owner of the property. When you work with someone other than the owner, you may be required to provide a Preliminary Notice to the owner, awarding authority, prime contractor and/or construction lender informing them that you are working on the property and will have a right to be paid. Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys can prepare a template form notice, or notices specially designed for your firm, that comply with all local requirements and regulations. If you are working on a public works project and are not paid, you cannot record a mechanic’s lien against public property, but you can provide a Stop Notice to the construction lender and/or awarding authority. A Stop Notice requires the construction lender or awarding authority withhold sufficient funds to satisfy your Stop Notice claim. Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys will prepare a Stop Notice that advises the construction lender and/or awarding authority of your claim and ensure that your claim is properly prepared and documented, as well as, all bond and other regulatory requirements are met.

Extra Work/Change Orders

Despite the best of planning unanticipated changes can and do come up during the construction process. If the extra work is not included in your contract, you could spend thousands on extra labor or materials and not get paid for it. The best practice is to document any change in writing and to specify the additional work, time and cost to be incurred. The developer, general contractor, or homeowner should sign for the extra work and agree to payment before the extra work is performed. For large projects, Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys can draft effective change orders that document the extra work to be performed and the agreed to price for that work. For smaller projects, our attorneys can prepare template forms that can be used on any jobsite. Be prepared, get changes orders in writing, avoid disputes and get paid.

Contractor’s Board License Defense

Maintaining your contractor’s license is a requirement of working in the construction industry. If you have received a complaint against your license, or a notice of CSLB action, you need to act now. A suspension or revocation will have a serious impact on your livelihood and can be reported to the public by the CSLB for years to come. Our experienced attorneys will work to resolve the complaint or action before it leads to a suspension or revocation and get you back to work.

Employment and Labor Law Compliance

For many contractors becoming an employer creates complications and confusion dealing with the myriad of regulations, insurance policies and tax consequences. Have you properly classified your workers as employees or independent contractors? Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP construction attorneys are experienced in advising contractors on how to comply with labor law requirements and can help contractors implement policies that comply with federal and state employment laws.

Construction Defect Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

Even great contractors may face litigation because of alleged defects in the construction process. Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP’s construction attorneys understand the complexity of a construction project and can apply that knowledge in defending against construction defect claims. Additionally our attorneys will use all avenues to resolve claims, including alternatives to court such as construction mediation and arbitration. We have the experience, resources and sophistication to handle all types of construction defect litigation, including complex construction defect cases.

Consumer Financial Services Litigation

WKB’s Consumer Financial Services Litigation team represents financial institutions in high stakes cases nationwide. Our trial lawyers regularly appear in putative consumer class actions and individual claims in state and federal courts, including multi–district and bankruptcy actions, as well as in arbitration and other alternative dispute proceedings.

Consumer Protection & Data Privacy

WKB has one of the premier consumer protection practices in the country, counseling and litigating the entire range of consumer protection issues. The group regularly advises clients on how to draft, implement, and audit privacy policies, and has conducted trainings on how to investigate and respond to data security incidents that implicate consumer and employee privacy.

Corporate Counsel

With an extensive and robust background in business, WKB offers corporate and transactional counsel to our clients as the cornerstone of our business.  Working closely with your business, we provide innovative solutions to sophisticated problems in relatively every area of the business landscape.

Corporate Finance & Securities

Our securities practice includes regular ongoing advice to public corporations, an active transactional practice in connection with public and private issuance of debt and equity, acquisitions and mergers, and other securities–related matters.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense team is here to ensure every citizen is afforded equal protection under the law.  You have rights! From white collar defense to criminal allegations, allow WKB provide you the protection you need and deserve.

e-Discovery Services

WKB offers clients “A to Z electronic discovery management”

EB5 Investment Visa Program

WKB provides an opportunity for those that wish to establish residency in the United States. WKB provides comprehensive information about all approved Regional Centers so that you can make an informed decision before you invest. We will guide you through the entire EB-5 process and provide valuable information. Our team of highly qualified professionals will help guide you from start to finish.

WKB helps:

  • Project Financials
  • Design a business plan and exit strategy
  • Determine the risk
  • Review the legal documents
  • Track client deposits
  • Relocation of the investor

We will make sure that all visa and required documents are filed correctly and quickly so that your path to legal residency is as smooth as possible.

Entertainment & Media

WKB’s Entertainment and Media Practice focuses on serving clients in film and television financing, production and distribution; and in television, radio and Web–based broadcasting. The group works with other WKB practice areas, including technology and intellectual property, labor and employment, corporate finance and commercial litigation, in order to provide entertainment and media clients with full–service legal representation.

Environmental Law

WKB has particular depth in the fields of environmental and occupational health and safety law, and we offer a leading environmental practice committed to balancing social, environmental and economic concerns.

Fiduciary Litigation

WKB’s Fiduciary Litigation Team combines strength, experience and global resources to handle today’s highly–specialized fiduciary litigation involving often complex trust, estate, guardianship and similar matters at both the trial and appellate levels in many jurisdictions.

Financial Institutions

Our broad experience, coupled with our innovative solutions and our long standing ties to regulators, trade associations and service providers, make us invaluable assets to our clients who seek counsel in the financial institution industry.


When borrowers are unable to make their required loan payments, foreclosure is the final action a mortgagee will pursue to recover its losses on the loan. Our foreclosure attorney team can offer a number of remedies for during, and up to foreclosure in order to protect a creditor’s rights.

Franchise & Distribution

WKB covers industries that use franchising as a method of distribution, including restaurant and food distribution, automotive, hotels and lodging, construction and construction materials, industrial equipment, oil, consumer products, alcohol distribution, motion picture distribution, book-selling and publishing, telecommunications, health care, agriculture and electronics.

Fund Finance

The long–term growth of the asset management industry has resulted in a significant increase in both the variety of fund structures (including open–end funds, closed–end funds, collective investment funds, common trust funds, group trusts, private equity funds, funds of funds, hedge funds and other pooled investment vehicles), and the overall number of funds. Fund sponsors and asset managers are constantly seeking credit to help meet liquidity needs or to provide leverage (gearing).

Fund Formation

WKB represents investors, funds and their advisors in private investment funds, including private equity funds, venture capital funds, mezzanine funds, hedge funds, distressed funds, fund of funds and real estate funds. We regularly counsel clients on fund formation and structuring issues and the various issues that arise on an ongoing basis following formation.

Global Investment Planning Group

Our global investment planning department helps clients develop and manage investment solutions for major asset classes. Our clients include global financial intermediaries, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, pension funds, endowments and foundations.

The primary goal of our department is to help investors build long term wealth, attain financial security, and gain peace of mind. WKB is here to aid clients with their investment portfolios in order to preserve principal, hedge against inflation, growth of capital invested, and optimize income and liquidity consistent with the wants and needs of the client.

Our firm seeks to reduce risk according to the client’s desire and eliminate volatility all while enhancing the potential for making substantial returns on investments. Our services include financial planning and investment management and are suitable for high net worth individuals as well as publicly and privately held companies.

Government Contracts

Our Government Contracts Team represents clients in their dealings with governments at all levels, including local, state and foreign governments.

Information Technology

WKB’s Information Technology Practice Group handles all types of technology agreements for clients in virtually every industry. We understand the laws and technologies underlying technology transactions but more importantly, we understand our clients and their businesses.

Insurance Coverage

Our Insurance Team realizes that your insurance represents a significant business asset and will work to maximize your investment in insurance coverage in connection with business functions ranging from defense and indemnification when claims are asserted, to transactions involving the valuations of assets or stock purchases.

Insurance Defense

Insurance organizations are in need of expert defense due to the complex and industry-specific regulations and issues they are faced with. It is imperative that such organizations receive advice from attorneys who are knowledgeable about the field. WKB is a capable and trusted provider of sophisticated legal advice to organizations in the life, health, disability, property, casualty, and alternative insurance fields.
Our firm is positioned to handle issues that include, but are not limited to:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Securing initial certificates of authority
  • Demutualization of insurers
  • Change of control proceedings
  • Representation of domestic and foreign insurers
  • Declaratory ruling requests

Intellectual Property

Our depth of understanding and experience allows us to successfully guide clients through complex intellectual property issues from litigation to licensing to international regulations.

International Arbitration

Our International Arbitration Team is designed to provide advice and representation in connection with arbitration and related dispute resolution procedures conducted outside the United States, or in the United States under rules specific to disputes involving parties from different countries.

International Trade

Almost all major companies today are involved in international business activities or face competition from global sources. Increasingly, midsize firms, too, know that their success requires active participation in the world market. Doing business in the international arena can be highly profitable; however, it is often subject to a large array of domestic statutes and regulations governing exports, imports, international finance, overseas investments and the general conduct of business in or involving foreign jurisdictions.

Internet & New Media

WKB’s Internet & New Media team is dedicated to helping our clients protect their assets and advance their valuable reputations on line.

Labor & Employment

WKB lawyers in the group are skilled in all areas of traditional labor law, employment law and all aspects of litigation.

Land Use

WKB lawyers provide a full range of legal services in all areas of land use law, including advice on development enhancement strategies.

Mass & Toxic Tort

WKB attorneys are experts in addressing both the substantive and procedural issues that are key to defending mass/toxic tort cases, including statutes of limitations, statutes of repose, alternative theories of liability, concert of action, preemption, sophisticated purchaser, risk/utility analyses, comity and the interplay of foreign and domestic laws, as well as the apportionment of risk and contribution among multiple defendants and their insurers.

Nonprofit Organizations

WKB assists numerous nonprofit and tax–exempt organizations as well as individuals interested in philanthropy to achieve their goals.


WKB’s approach is to treat outsourcing contracts as long–term business ventures between all parties – with risks and rewards properly aligned to ensure a successful outcome.

Personal Injury

WKB’s Personal Injury Litigation group regularly handles cases from automobile accidents to premises liability to multi-plaintiff and class-action complex catastrophic injury matters. Our personal injury attorneys have substantial trial experience in such matters and have obtained in excess of seven-figure verdicts and arbitration awards, in addition to having obtained highly favorable settlements for our clients in mediation.

Private Client

Our Private Client lawyers engage in sophisticated personal estate and tax planning, probate and trust administration, business succession planning and related legal services for family and individual clients.

Private Equity

WKB’s Private Equity Group regularly represents Private Equity sponsors who make control and minority investments in middle market companies.

Product Liability

Product liability is one of the fastest–growing and most dynamic practice groups in the firm. WKB’s trial lawyers, locally, regionally and nationally, represent companies in cases involving a wide range of products, including tires, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, trucks, children’s products, aviation components, medical devices, forklifts, all–terrain vehicles, military equipment and railroad equipment.

Professional Liability

The duty of care for professionals vary by the sector they are in but the general rule is that the standard of care is higher than the reasonable person.  Professionals are endowed with the ability to hold themselves out to the public as people with a certain skill set.

Professionals Liability requires a more specialized defense, such as expert witnesses to testify on their behalf to show that they acted with the requisite and appropriate due care. Our team can diligently and adequately defend the following:

  • Lawyers and legal professionals
  • Accountants
  • Insurance or real estate agents and brokers
  • Veterinarians
  • Engineers
  • Dentists
  • Boards of directors and corporate officers
  • Doctors and healthcare workers

Real Estate

WKB is always ready to tackle the business and legal challenges that arise in ever changing real estate markets. We take our commitment to our clients personally.

Real Estate Bankruptcy, Workout & Litigation Team

WKB’s Real Estate Bankruptcy, Workout and Litigation Team helps lenders, special servicers of securitized commercial mortgages, borrowers and other market participants find solutions and achieve their goals in this increasingly complex environment.

Real Estate Capital Markets

Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets involves the intersection of real estate and capital markets by merging the structure of private and public, debt and equity real estate capital markets, as well as derivative markets that involve real estate.

WKB works with owners, managers, operators, developers, servicers, lenders and investors. Our capital markets practice covers the full range of capital markets products and including: private equity markets, private equity deal structuring, public and private real estate investment trusts (REITs), problems in measuring risk and return; portfolio valuation issues, valuing publicly traded real estate securities, and real estate risk management techniques.

The past decade has left the world’s financial markets in a capricious and ambiguous position, burdening many investors questions unanswered.  Times like these require adaptive thinkers who can advise clients in a changing financial world. Our lawyers draw on experience to make mature decisions often with the help of financial specialists in order to develop innovative solutions for our clients.


Our attorneys provide the legal advice and business acumen retailers need to keep up with the changing legal environment. Our experience in assisting retailers in intellectual property protection, commercial agreements, licenses, trade regulation, employment, compliance and litigation has led to significant cost savings for our clients and their shareholders.

Risk Management

WKB lawyers are experienced in advising clients on insurance, reinsurance, self–insurance, financial products, captives and sophisticated (ART) solutions. We have innovative and practical corporate programs to help limit your exposure and reduce the overall cost of your risk management program.

Securities Litigation & Enforcement

WKB’s securities litigation, enforcement and compliance group handles all types of matters arising under the federal securities laws, including investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC”) and other regulatory agencies.

Sports, Sponsorship & Event Venue Group

Our Sports, Sponsorship and Event Venue Group draws on the diverse practices and expertise of our members and colleagues to offer our clients the depth of experience needed to effectively and efficiently represent them in the wide range of projects that fall within the sports, sponsorship and event venue realm.

Tax Advice & Controversy

WKB believes it’s important to fully understand our clients’ business. Familiarity with their operations provides us valuable insight into the company’s tax administration process and therefore, gives us a distinct advantage when identifying transactions and operations that may potentially raise tax issues.

Tax Services & Planning

Understanding and keeping up with the ever shifting regulatory implications of tax law is essential for your family or business.  We bridge the mystery between legal and tax advise by offering sound planning and strategic legal protection.

Tax Exempt & Charitable Planning

WKB assists numerous nonprofit and tax–exempt organizations as well as individuals interested in philanthropy to achieve their goals.

Technology, Entrepreneurial & Commercial Practice

WKB creates the commercial agreements that fuel our clients’ profits, licensing technology in intellectual property–driven businesses and helping entrepreneurs prioritize to efficiently manage their businesses.


WKB advises clients concerning corporate governance issues, including with respect to the rights and responsibilities of directors, shareholders and officers of both public and private corporations.

White Collar Defense & Investigations

WKB represents companies and individuals in white collar criminal investigations, trials and appeals. We handle a full range of matters involving white collar crime, including securities, financial institutions and money laundering, government contracts, public corruption, health care, political campaign contributions, criminal antitrust, environmental, tax, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and export control.